Super Versatile.
Function packed

13 smart

Our food specialists and chefs have spent thousands of hours in research and testing to ensure the 13 pre-programmed settings are the best for the meal you are preparing.

Taking the confusion out of cooking settings and giving you greater control ensuring perfect and consistent results every time.


Super-sized oven capable of toasting more slices, more evenly. Fits 9 slices of toast or 10 bagel halves.

Slow Cook

Slow cook with a 5 quart dutch oven for up to 72 hours of precise low temperature control for flavorful and tender meats.


Big enough to fit a 13” Pizza. Precise high heat is delivered where it’s needed most for a perfectly crisp deep dish pizza with oozing cheese.


With 4 independent quartz heating elements at the top, achieving the perfect crisp and browning on your favorite dishes with precision is super easy.

2 phase cooking

The Phase Cooking function allows you to set programs back-to-back so you can bake your lasagne and broil the topping automatically.

Rotate Remind feature alerts and reminds you to switch the position of food in the oven for the most even, consistent results.