Every superhero
needs a superpower.

Introducing the Smart Oven™ Air, the latest addition to the
world’s most awarded compact oven family.

The power of super convection & super versatility makes the Smart Oven™ Air a real workhorse on your countertop. Reducing cooking time by 30% compared with standard ovens and cooking techniques like air frying, dehydrating, roasting or proofing super simple.

The power of
Super Convection.

The Smart Oven™ Air is powered by Super Convection, an innovative technology which gives you two fan speeds and generates extreme air circulation inside the oven for fast, precise and even cooking.

Supersized for
endless possibilities

With 1 cubic foot of space, you can now roast a perfectly browned super succulent 14lb turkey. Also fit a 5 quart dutch oven for all  your slow cooked creations, a 12 cup muffin tray, most 9” x 13” pans,  13” pizza and even 9 slices of toast.

That’s plenty of space to feed the whole family,
yet compact enough to sit on your countertop.